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2.7 Stereoisomers, The Discovery of Enantiomers

 Summary: Pasteur was able to make crystals of individual enantiomers of Sodium ammonium tartarate and observed the effect solutions of the individual enantiomers had upon plane polarized light. Each enantiomer caused rotation of the light to the same extent … Read More

2.4 Reactions, Wolff Rearrangement

 Summary: The Wolff rearrangement has a diazo ketone transformed into a ketene. The mechanism varies depending upon the specific substrate being studied it can be concerted or stepwise.   Key Words: Wolff Rearrangement, Diazoketone, Ketene

1.5 Introduction, Carbenoids

 Summary: A Simmons Smith reaction sees zinc react with diiodomethylene and in the presence of an alkene that forms a carbenoid butterfly transition state that leads to a cyclopropane.   Key Words: Simmons Smith, Carbenoid, Butterfly Transition State, Cyclopropane