Week 3 Test

How many resonance structures does the molecule below have?:
Which orbital represents a sigma * orbital?
When compared to a single Carbon, Carbon bond is the double Carbon, Carbon:
Which Generic image best describes what happens when an arrow starts at a bond and finishes at a bond:
Which image represents an antibonding between two p orbitals:
Which image best represents the relationship below?
In reality how many different bond lengths are in benzene:
Which image best represents what is observed for a Carboxylate anion.
What type of centre is this atom:
The lone pair in ammonia (below) is in a:
Which image represents a Hydrogen Carbon sigma Anti-bond?
Which transformation accurately uses arrows?
Which structure best represents the most common outcome of acetone’s reaction with a strong base (shown below):
The bond between the two Carbons in Ethane is called:
Which one of these molecules has a radical?
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